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Team Spotlight: How The Reseda Regents Raised $4,460 For Their Team

Jan 25 2018

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

As sports parents, we’ve all been there. The football season (or any season for that matter) is upon us, and just as soon as we hear the words “registration fees”, we also hear the same dreaded question: How is our team going to raise money this year? 


It’s a struggle we’ve all felt, especially because most sports parents have more than one kid in more than one sport, and every single one wants your help raising money for those new jerseys or that tournament that’s 200 miles away. The Reseda Regents, a  Football team from Los Angeles, were definitely feeling the pressure. The team needed new equipment, and it wasn’t going to be cheap. 


Specifically, they needed to repurchase items that had taken a beating over the last few seasons, like sleds and tackle wheels. The team turned to FlipGive, our online fundraising platform where teams can raise money purchasing the things they buy anyway. The Regents involved their entire community in their fundraiser, and by shopping over the holiday season, they raised over $4000 dollars for their team! 


Wanna know how they did it? We’re letting you in on their top tips, so your team can effectively earn in the new year: 


Start early, shop often: 

It might be obvious but, the very best way to raise money with FlipGive is to start as early as possible, and get into a habit of shopping online for whatever you can. FlipGive notifies you when brands are having sales, and sometimes gives teams special promo codes or extra give backs, so on top of raising money for your team, you’re also getting a great deal. 


Make it fun for your team: 

FlipGive has an awesome tool called the activity feed, it’s kind of like a news feed for your team. We post team photos and share things we’re planning on buying for our team. It helps everyone get excited about what we’re trying to do, and reminds our team that every dollar contributes to our ultimate goal!


Buy gifts through your campaign page:

FlipGiver has tons of options, so it was the perfect way to raise money over any holiday season. We started during the Christmas season, which meant all of our team members could purchase their holiday items through our page. Our team bought gifts for their families through the platform, and would often get over $10 cash back. It’s those small incremental amounts that helped our team raise as much as we have. The best part is, every dollar that the team raises together means that it’s a little easier for team families to make ends meet, and that’s really the goal at the end of the day. 


This team’s top brands: 

Macy’s: Gives up to 2%

Walmart: Gives up to 3%

Starbucks: Gives 2%

Nike: Gives up to 10%

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The Regents have already raised over 50% of their goal shopping for items that they already need. If your team is looking for an easy way to raise money this season, click here for more information! 

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