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What if we told you you could meet youth sports fundraising needs while sitting in the stands scrolling through your phone shopping online. Would you trade selling magazines and wrapping paper for your kid’s sports team for shopping online, going out to eat, and staying at hotels? FlipGive provides teams with a free platform to raise money by having family and friends shop at the stores they already use. You'll earn cash on the things you're already buying. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels, activities and more.

Ontario Fundraising

As the most populous of the Canadian provinces, youth sports in Ontario enjoy massive levels of participation year-round. While it should come as no surprise that hockey, Canada’s national sport, sees the largest turnout of youth athletes, sports like baseball, soccer, and basketball have seen year over year growth, thanks in part to professional leagues having teams in Toronto and Ottawa. The youth sports environment in Ontario, and all across Canada, is dominated by travel teams and national-level tournaments, both of which require an immense amount of time and money from families to support their young athletes.

While fundraising for sports teams is not a new idea, it traditionally has not provided the level of financial support that is needed, leaving parents and families on the hook to fill the gap. FlipGive’s innovative fundraising platform aims to help all orginizational programs to meet or exceed their fundraising goals by changing the way fundraising is done. By using the FlipGive app, teams can collect donations from family and friends by having them make the same purchases they would normally make, both online and in-person, through the FlipGive app. Each purchase that is made through the FlipGive platform earns a cashback percentage, which is directly donated to the teams dashboard. With no costs to use our platform, and no fees on any of the donations, FlipGive is the future of youth sports fundraising. Check out the list below to see which Ontario cities, towns, and youth programs are already using FlipGive!


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Getting your youth sports team or organization set up on FlipGive is quick and easy. You can either set up a coaching call with a FlipGive funding coach, who can answer questions and walk you through the setup, providing useful fundraising tips along the way, or you can take the DIY approach and fill out the form at the bottom of this page to get started.