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How the Eagan Wildcats are raising for Cooperstown with FlipGive

Apr 11 2019

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

When it comes to the Cooperstown tournament two words come to most of our minds: Amazing and... Expensive. Every year, hundreds of teams have to fundraise in order to attend this unforgettable experience. This is the story of the Eagan Wildcats from Minnesota, who have been raising money with FlipGive for the past seven months earning almost $1000 for the big tournament. The team is not only great on the field but also at using FlipGive like champions. 

1. Describe your team: What makes it special and unique?

We have a great group of boys and parents on our team. They all work hard, are well mannered, and play well together as a team. The coaches, parents, and families also are close-knit and everyone supports each other. Many of the players have been together for over four years, but new players and families also are welcomed each season. Our 2019 season is just beginning but we have been fundraising for almost a year to fund a trip to Cooperstown, NY this August. 

2. Did you try any other fundraisers? Why do you use FlipGive and How did it change your fundraising experience?

We have done several fundraisers but are strong supporters of FlipGive because it is so easy. We just started exploring the "in-store" payment card option, which is great! It is so easy to get money for doing things that you would do anyway, and easy to get our team's code out to extended family members. We love that people can also make donations and it is all contained on one site/app. 

3. What are you specifically raising money for? 

We are raising for the Cooperstown NY Baseball tournament for 12U players. The Cooperstown tournament itself costs about $1500.00 per player. 

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4. How do you motivate your team to use it on a daily basis?

We just shared the code with the whole team, and parents shared with other family members. When we see a store having a big cash back event, we spread the word! And most of the parents have found the reminder on their browser to be helpful.

"Three words to describe FlipGive?  Easy, effective and simple." 

5. What would be your fundraising tips for any team who would want to start using FlipGive?

Download the browser, use the app, use the payment card option, and share the code with all parents and any other online shoppers in the family!

Their go-to stores on FlipGive: Under Armour, Nike. 


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