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Jake Spins, Kids Win: A 13-Year Old’s Quest to Give Back

Apr 01 2016

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Jake Toporek has taken on the endeavour to raise money for the Harold Robinson Foundation at a meaningful milestone in his life, his Bar Mitzvah. After experiencing one of its retreat programs, Camp Ubuntu, his life was changed for the better.

Campu Ubuntu is sponsored by HRF to help provide under-privileged children the opportunity to attend a camp they otherwise could not afford. The main principle behind the Harold Robinson Foundation is that every child, no matter what their socio-economic status,  deserves opportunities in their life. HRF provides this opportunity by sponsoring less fortunate children living in LA to attend Camp Ubuntu.

The word “ubuntu” comes from South Africa and means: “I am because we are.”

The Ubuntu philosophy is that we must rely and support each other as a family and community in order to garner our own success as an individual.

Jake’s father, Jeff Toperek, spoke about his experience: “What Jake realized in meeting these kids is that they are just like him but unfortunately live in poor areas that are not always safe.”

Jake, with the help of his parents, Jeff and Staci, have put together a fundraiser that mimics the values of Camp Ubuntu by arranging a biking event at a local spinning studio. The event encourages families to enter as a team and the Toporek’s, through a family foundation, are committed to matching up to $5,000 raised.

Jake and his family chose to use FlipGive to help supplement their fundraising efforts, and we’ve decided to take part in his cause. At the end of the fundraiser we will be giving Jake two $25 Under Armour eGift Cards: one for him to keep and the other for him to give to whomever he feels embodies the values of Ubuntu.

Giving back can be a lot of fun and we’re proud to have “Jake Spins Kids Win for HRF”be a part of FlipGive Fundraising. 



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