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How this Softball Team raised $2750 in less than a month

Mar 21 2019

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

We get asked all the time: How are teams able to raise thousands of dollars so quickly? There are many secrets to using FlipGive like a champion, but the key component to earning BIG for your team is by getting all your team members involved. The more people you get on board, the more you spread the word consistently, the more likely you are to be one of our top performing teams. This is the story of one of our Softball Teams, the Joliet West Softball from Illinois. With 32 members on board, this team has already raised $2750 in less than a month.

How did they do it you might ask? Here is what they told us. 

Tell us more about your team.

We have not started playing yet. We have 4 seniors, 5 juniors and 3 sophomores. I am excited to have such a young team to develop for the next few years. Our four seniors are all returning starters. I look forward to seeing them grow into leaders and outstanding athletes.

How did you use to fundraise? 

We have used Snap in the past for our fundraiser. However, they took a high percentage of the donations. We have used donations through the mail and through a type of Go Fund Me. I wanted to try your app to add additional income besides donations.

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How do you motivate your team to use FlipGive?

I remind the kids daily to shop with the app. Every other week I asked them to send reminders for donations and/or invite a few more people. I talked to the parents at our meeting of how the coaches have been using the app to shop.

What tips do you have for teams that are just starting out?

I suggest meeting in a classroom with your team to go through all of the features on FlipGive. I also had my players bring a list of 20 contacts to invite to participate. We monitored the athletes while they were sending invites.

What are your favorite retailers or restaurants to use with FlipGive? 

I have used TurboTax twice and the Texas Roadhouse cards on the app. We are taking a trip to St. Louis over the course of three nights. We intend to use FlipGive for online shopping at Walmart and potentially book our hotels.


So here you have it FlipGivers, bring everyone on board, educate them on all the great FlipGive features and try to use the app in every purchase you make on a daily basis, and you will be a raising champion in no time!

What are your FlipGive tips?

* This is a US team, the merchants listed above might not be available in Canada. 

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