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How the Prior Lake Cooperstown raised $682 for Cooperstown

Apr 22 2019

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

When it comes to the Cooperstown tournament two words come to most of our minds: Amazing and... Expensive. Every year, hundreds of teams have to fundraise in order to attend this unforgettable experience.

This is the story of the Prior Lake Cooperstown from Minnesota, who have been raising money with FlipGive for the past eight months earning almost $700 for the big tournament. The team is not only great on the field but also at using FlipGive like champions. 

1.       Describe your team: What makes it special and unique? What were this year's highlights and wins?

What makes this team special is that we are a team assembled from all levels of play, from all across our youth baseball program.  We have members that play AAA, AA, and A ball.  We wanted a great group of kids that would enjoy the experience of going to Cooperstown, NY and getting this opportunity to watch many other teams get to play as well.

2.       Did you try any other fundraisers? Why do you use FlipGive and How did it change your fundraising experience?

We have down all sorts of fundraising from selling candy, bracelets, pizza cards, and travel mugs.  We are hosting a golf tournament, have cleaned sports stadiums, and are having a garage sale.  We used FlipGive for the simple ease of it.  With all the others, there is planning and upfront monetary costs. With FlipGive, there is none of that.

3.       What are you specifically raising money for? Tournament? Which one?

We are raising money for our players to get to go to the Cooperstown Baseball Tournament. It is in Cooperstown, NY and at the Cooperstown Field of Dreams Park.  Are players will be inducted into the Little League Hall of Fame and will get to visit the actual MLB Baseball Hall of Fame.

4.       How much does it cost per player to play on your team?

The cost is $1000 per player and coach. 'So, for a team of 13 players and 4 coaches, our cost for attending this tournament is $17,000.  Our players are just so excited about this opportunity, that is motivation itself.

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5.       What would be your fundraising tips for any team who would want to start using FlipGive?

Start early, and get as many people involved and on your team as possible.  The more people that you have that are helping you raise money, the faster you can reach your goal.

6.       What are your favorite retailers and restaurants to use with FlipGive?

Under Armour, Best Buy…. look for the places that have the highest give back percentages.


7.       If you could describe FlipGive in two words what would they be?

Easy and Awesome.



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