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How The Chatsworth Heat Raised $500 In One Month With FlipGive

Jan 08 2018

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

When the Chatsworth heat decided they would be participating in a week-long baseball tournament at Cooperstown Allstar Village in New York in June 2018, their first thought was,"how are we going to raise money for this trip, without putting a ton of strain on our team parents?"

 The cost for their entire team to go to New York, plus hotel stays and tournament fees will run their team a whopping $15,000 dollars, and that's not including other miscellaneous expenses during the trip. This team decided to be proactive, and start a FlipGive campaign page almost a year ahead of time, so they can earn as much as possible before they head to what they call a "once in a lifetime trip."

"I like to tell people that FlipGive is fundraising magic", says coach Jon Genchi. "the simplicity of turning ordinary and common online purchases at leading retailers into instant funds for our team is something our entire team really appreciated." 

So how did this team raise $500 in one month? 


They saved their purchases so that they could earn cash back:

The key to raising money on FlipGive is to be consistent. Right at the beginning, our team missed out on cash back because we would forget that a brand could earn for our trip. But once our team got the hang of it, we realized that almost anything we were buying could be contributing to our team, and that means each and every one of us would be paying less for our trip in the summer. 


They shopped for gifts through their page:

Parents on the team purchased eGift cards as thank you gifts for teachers coaches over the holiday season. FlipGive has hundreds of brands to choose from, and some of the favourites on our team are Buffalo Wild Wings and Starbucks


Family fun that gives back:

The best part about using FlipGive is that you get cash back on things that you'd be doing anyway. Our parents earned when they went to the movies or out for dinner


Have a team that works together: 

We have 19 parents right now who use the platform,and it's amazing what have accomplished in so little time. $500 may not seem like a lot, but every dollar we earn is a dollar that makes it a little easier to make this trip a reality. 


Book your travel with FlipGive:

The Heat hasn't booked accommodations for the tournament yet, but with a team as big as ours, earning 5% cash back on our hotel stay will make a big impact.


The Heat's Top brands:

AMC: gives 2%

The Cheesecake Factory: gives 2%

Sephora: gives 3%

Krispy Kreme: gives 5%

Starbucks: gives 2%

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"We always tell our players that everything they do should be under these four guiding principles:  Heart, Effort, Attitude, and Team." We bring that to every game, and we brought it to our campaign. Our entire team has worked together, and come June, you can find us at Cooperstown." 

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