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5 Awesome Youth Football Plays

Mar 29 2016

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The sheer number of plays in a coach’s arsenal can be overwhelming, especially for a youth 

football team. Here, we are going to describe two awesome running plays, and two awesome 

passing plays within the same offensive formation, the “Double Wing Offense”. Finally, we will 

describe a solid all­around defensive formation “4­4 Stack”, and an awesome play therein, the 


1. ­ Running Play: Double Wing “Power Play” (Double Team)

This “wedge” running play includes pulling the left guard and tackle to help block down the field 

to expand the “wedge” created by the right side. The QB then pitches to the WB in motion to 

drive behind the ‘double team’ and into the “wedge” downfield.

2. ­ Running Play: Double Wing “Super Power”

This dominant running play puts nine blockers in the box and allows the WB (wingback) to make 

a super power cut behind the blockers after receiving the pitch from the QB. The “Super Power” 

running game will open up defense to other big plays off the “Super Power”.

3. ­ Passing Play: Double Wing “Power Waggle”

This is the passing play to keep blitzing defences on their toes in any offence, especially ground 

and pound running formations like the “Double Wing” Offence. The formation is the same as the 

“Super Power” and “Power Pass”, but instead of the hand­off, or the play action pass, the QB 

fakes the handoff and rolls out in the same direction as the receivers are slanting. The TE in the 

slot offers another option for the QB while on the move. This is a deceptive play for more 

advanced youth offences.

4. ­ Passing Play: Double Wing “Power Pass”

Setting up in the same formation as every power run play, running the “Power Pass” offers great 

deception, even more so when ‘play action’ is added to the mix. The “Power Pass” sends two 

TE’s downfield on slant routes, the right WB into the flat, as a check down pass option, while 

keeping 6 in the box to protect the QB and pick up any blitz the defense may send.

5. ­ Defence: 4­4 Stack “Indy”

The 4­4 is an all­around style defence perfectly suited for all levels of youth football. It fills the 

box with eight defenders against the run while allowing seven defenders to fall into pass 

coverage as the play develops. “Indy” is a particularly effective defensive play, because the 

blocking linemen allow for two linebackers to blitz the QB, or stuff the run. This is an awesome 

defensive play!

The Double Wing offence is built on double teams and pulling blockers from the weak side and 

moving them to the point of attack. There is lots of motion from the WB’s and FB to create 

confusion for the defense. On the other side of the line of scrimmage is the 4­4 Stack defence 

that can handle pretty much any offence.

Keeping defenders in the box to stuff the wedge running game, and having the flexibility to drop 

seven defenders into pass coverage can help diffuse all the deception and confusion created by 

play action and motion offences. These awesome youth plays really work.


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