A beginner's guide to get the most out of FlipGive


Your Success Is Our Success

by Alam Song
Your Success Is Our Success

B ehind each team, you’ll find a great Coach. And as the driving force for your team’s success, I want you to know that we’ve got YOUR back too. Here are some valuable resources to further support you and your team:

Help Centre

For the self helpers out there, check out our resource center filled with valuable info for you and your team. My Coaches and I have spoken to hundreds of teams just like yours and are sure you’ll find value.

Remember, we’re a part of your team just as much as your own teammates. If you have any questions that went unanswered, I kindly ask you can reach out to my wonderful team.

Missing Transactions

You or your teammates might at some point experience a missing transaction, meaning for one reason or another didn’t earn cash back for a purchase you made through FlipGive. These things do happen, and when they do, you can submit a claim or speak to our Customer Support team.

Withdraw Funds

We all know there's no greater feeling than getting paid. To get paid out, team owners can submit beneficiary info and request a funds withdrawal once your team raises $100. Stay up to date and track your team's progress by checking out your team Earnings Report every time you login!

FlipGive Stories

While we especially love posting tips and tricks on how to make the most on FlipGive, we also love highlighting teams from our community to share their success. Check out our diverse collection of shopping guides, team spotlights and hacks to learn more.