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You’re Leaving Money On The Table

by Alam Song
You’re Leaving Money On The Table

W hen it comes to shopping, my list month to month stays prettttty consistent. Minus, *cough cough* the impulsive purchase of new shoes that I absolutely need for reasons that make no sense to my husband. Groceries, clothes, gas, hotel stays, meals out with my family and most importantly, my beautiful absolutely mandatory cup of coffee in the mornings. All of these things now earn me cash back with FlipGive.

As a mom of 2 kids, let me show you how much my family of 4 spends and earns on FlipGive on a monthly basis:

You can see that by simply continuing my family’s average spend through FlipGive, I can earn around $96 per month. Now imagine if ALL the parents on my kid’s baseball team also shopped through FlipGive. With 10 teammates, we can earn up to $960 in a single month!

Imagine what your team could do if they all got on board for the year. And guess what, we didn’t have to sell a single box of cookies! Let’s take a minute, get on our feet and do a little happy dance.

I’ve only listed a few examples, but the earning opportunities are endless. Gifts for teachers, gift cards, birthday parties, car rentals, sporting equipment - you name it.