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Youth Soccer Rankings: Our Favorite Websites

May 20 2019

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Checking your youth soccer rankings is a great way to keep track of your team’s progress, get an idea of tournament expectations and predict game results. In today’s age, we’re lucky to have a resource like the Internet to compile these rankings and display them in an easy-to-read format.

There are several websites that we prefer when it comes to checking youth soccer rankings in the U.S. Some of our favorites include:

Youth Soccer Rankings USA


This is one of the most simple and comprehensive websites. Almost every day, 133,000 youth soccer teams are ranked on it using the results from 1.1 million games in the last 18 months. With such frequent updates, you can always be assured that you have the most up-to-date information. Using several drop-down menus, you can select whether you want to see boys or girls teams, specific age groups and also filter by region. The site also displays ranking as well as scores so you can keep track of your statistics.

GotSoccer Rankings


GotSoccer is a soccer magazine that incorporates rankings and other interesting information on their site. Their menus are more visual than other sites, while the added Magazine, News and Featured Tournaments page adds more bulk to the site, making it more of a one-stop page for all your soccer news and ranking information. This site’s rankings page also includes tournament rankings and leaderboards. Like Youth Soccer Rankings USA, GotSoccer is also updated regularly with the most current information.

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Soccer Wire


This website is similar to GotSoccer in that it also encompasses a newsletter, blog, advertising opportunities and tournament information. Scores for this ranking system are input by Soccer Wire’s sister site, Report-a-Score.com, which allows anyone to input any score for free. The sister website helps users make statistical comparisons of teams, make predictions for games and generate lists of results against a common opponent.

While this site is a great tool for tournament organizers and directors, it’s also fun for teams and coaches to check their rankings and make analyses. Since the results for these rankings are mostly crowdsourced, it means that some teams and some regions are better represented than others. However, as the website grows, its readership gets wider and more people input scores.

Whether you are looking to get a better idea of what kind of team you’re up against, or if you simply want to check your team’s rankings against similar teams, these ranking websites are sure to come in handy.


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