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A Guide To Unusual Mother's Day Gifts

Mar 20 2017

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Flowers and chocolates are a great gift for your Mom this upcoming Mother’s Day. But why not take the time to give her a gift that is a little unique? Choosing an unusual Mother’s Day gift is one of the best ways to ensure your Mom remembers the occasion and feels honored through your thoughtfulness. To help give you some direction as you seek out that ideal gift, our team presents a guide on some of the more unusual Mother’s Day gifts, in this latest post.

Literary Candles

Named for the scents captured in the related book’s most dramatic scenes, these candles are a great gift for the book-loving Mom! One of the best elements of these candles is that they show your Mom you’re truly listening when she talks about that favorite novel or book character. They’ll work to transport her to a different place and time. Current options include Alice in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes-based scents.

Bonsai Forest

For the nature-lover who lives in the big city, Bonsai plants are unusual Mother’s Day gifts that offer a little glimpse into the natural world. They can be placed throughout an office space or in the living room to provide a calming presence in otherwise cluttered areas. Some Bonsai Forests have been designed to help Mom tend to the plants while building her own ideal forest using a specially designed kit. The process could offer stress relief, and the results are often spectacular.

Chef Tablet Stand

With the advent of cooking shows both online and on television, many of us are spending more time in the kitchen hand-preparing meals for our families. If your Mom simply loves to cook, why not consider a chef tablet stand? These exceptional products are designed so that she can read the menu easily within the kitchen and come with a touch pen for scrolling and making notes during cooking.

Cat Laptop Scratchpads

For those Moms who love their cats but not the damage their pets do to their furniture, there is now a great solution. A cat laptop scratchpad is designed so that it improves the look of the space while giving the animal a place to sharpen their claws away from the home sofa.

Our expert team is here to help guide you in choosing that one-of-a-kind product for your Mom this upcoming Mother’s Day. To learn more about all the newest unusual Mother’s Day gifts available, call us today.



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