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Top Fundraising Ideas for Kids that are Fun

Nov 22 2019

Learn more about fundraising efforts and events you can pair with FlipGive to earn even more for your child's team or club!

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Fundraising through FlipGive is a great way to earn cash for your child’s club, sport, school trip, or whatever else they are in need of funds for. On top of this, you can also come up with fun fundraising activities to pair with your FlipGive fundraiser to increase your earnings and have fun while you do! This can also be a great opportunity for team bonding and raising awareness and support for whatever your cause may be. The kids can get involved and learn social skills, teambuilding, and the value of money.

Fun Fundraising Ideas for Kids


1. Bake Sale

A bake sale is one of the most classic fundraising activities, but for good reason! A good bake sale can be great fun (and delicious)! Coming up with a theme can be a great way to get kids excited and involved, and the possibilities are endless. Fun dessert theme ideas could be favorite movies, music, books, animals, science, and sports. You can also have different stations for types of baked goods, hold decorating competitions, or have a “bake-off”.

2. Used Book Sale

A book sale can be particularly fun for kids, as well as educational. The kids can group in pairs or teams and be put in charge of a themed station for the book sale. Kids can collect old books from home, family members, and from community donations to be sold. Each station could have a theme related to book genres such as fantasy, science fiction, biography, historical non-fiction, comic books, and so on. Each child can even choose to dress up as their favorite character related to their genre for added fun!

3. Carnival

A carnival is a great way to have a ton of fun while raising money at the same time. Kids are bound to be interested in helping to organize and brainstorm for the event. You will need to find a carnival service to pair up with for rides, game booths and food stations. Charge entrance fees and sell tickets for rides and games in order to raise money.

4. Talent Show

Host a school talent night and make it a community affair! Funds raised from this type of event will primarily come from ticket sales, and kids will love preparing and showing off their many talents! You can also put kids in charge of making fliers and creating skits to “advertise” for talent night throughout the community at libraries, coffee shops, and other community spaces.

5. Arts and Crafts Show and Sale

Like a talent night, an arts and craft sale can be a great opportunity for kids to express their creativity. This can be a juried show and art sale together. At the end of the night, the art can be judged and kids can win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes such as “most creative,” “most realistic,” and so on. Raise money by charging admission and put the works up for sale!

6. Quick and Effective Online Fundraising

There are lots of ways for kids to get involved in fundraising, and online fundraising platforms like FlipGive make it even easier. FlipGive helps you earn funds for your kids’ team or club by simply buying the things you already need, whether they are for the sport itself or just everyday items. You’ll earn funds when your kids pick out items for their sport from their favorite brands, so they can get involved easily and work together with their teammates to earn even more!

Start Fundraising Today with FlipGive

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