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Top 10 Teacher's Gifts

May 16 2018

We curate 10 best gifts for teachers that also count toward your fundraiser.

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The end of the school year is coming faster than we realize. And while we plan for our kid’s activities, there is always one item on the to-do list that only gets checked off last minute: teacher’s gifts!

This year, take some notes, make a plan, and get those hard-working teachers the gifts they deserve. Because while homemade cards and handmade gifts are sweet and appreciated, it’s always nice to get them a little something too. Those “little somethings” add up – both for the recipient and the giver. Also, a percentage of everything on this list can go towards your team and help you reach your fundraising goals.

That’s a little something everyone can be happy with!


School Supply Bouquet or Gift Basket

So many teachers reach into their own pockets to stock their classrooms. Glue, pencils, markers or rulers can be artfully arranged to help shoulder that load. 


Personalize It

Coffee mugs, water bottles, stationary, even pens can all be personalized with your child’s teacher’s name or even grade or class number. Not only are personalized gifts adorable, they can almost guarantee that they won’t get lost. 



Teachers will use the curriculum to plan their days. But when it rains and their stuck indoors entertaining your kids at recess? That’s not part of the syllabus. Why not make their lives easier by making indoor recess fun for the kids – with games, puzzles or cards to keep everyone occupied. 



Everyone loves a chocolate or candy now and again. Why not say thank you in the sweetest of ways by curating a personalized “goody bag”? Group the goodies together in a beautiful vase or glass jar. And if traditional treats aren’t your thing, try popcorn, artisan snacks or even gum. They’re all good. In every way.



At the end of the year, who wouldn’t want to unwind with a relaxing massage or hand treatment? Bubble bath, scented candles or gift cards covering one service is always – always! – appreciated. 


Autograph Frame

Most teachers really do appreciate hand written thoughts and thanks from their students. A signature picture frame with the class photo front and centre and best wishes all around makes for a truly memorable special gift.



From classroom reading circle, to bedside night table, a good book is a great gift. Treat your teacher to the gift of reading – the very same gift they’ve given your child. Make it personal with a recommended good read, or grab a gift card. Reading is the gift that keeps on giving. 


Coffee, Tea, or Pastry

Whether your child’s teacher is a caffeine addict, a tea connoisseur or just likes a delicious pastry, Starbucks has it covered. They have great end of year gifts and, of course, gift cards.


Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

You don’t need to invite your child’s teacher over for a meal, but you can treat them to one at Buffalo Wild Wings, Montana’s, Jack Astor’s or even New York Fries. The list is almost endless – and extensive. Not sure what they like? The Ultimate Dining Card is the ultimate gift. 


Gift Card

Not sure what to grab the teacher? The answer to all gift-giving dilemmas is always a gift card. From the gap or hotels.com to Amazon and Sportchek, gift cards are the best gifts. Pool together money as a group for extra bang for your buck – and don’t forget the benefits come right back to you with cash back on every purchase, every time. 

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