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The Best Football Games For Kids

Mar 31 2016

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There are a lot of bad video games on the internet these days, and it can be frustrating to find ones that are fun, and actually work. Here we will outline five football games for kids of all ages. First, for the youngsters just getting into football, and computers, there is Pro Football @ PrimaryGames.com. Second is VR QB Challenge @ y8.com, which takes a bit more skill. The final three are available online @ PlayRetroGames.com, Tecmo Super Bowl, the Madden Franchise, and NFL Blitz. The final three are some of the most exciting football games of all time!

Pro Football @ PrimaryGames.com.


This game is very simple and easy to use for little kids. As the running back, you must avoid being tackled by the defenders on your way to the end zone. The goal is to score as many touchdowns as you can. It is simple, fun, and easy to play.

VR QB Challenge @ y8.com

As you become more coordinated with video games and grasp the basic concepts of football, the VR QB Challenge is perfect. In this game, the player controls the QB from their point of view and tries to complete passes to various moving and stationary targets.

Tecmo Super Bowl @ PlayRetroGames.com

The best 16-bit football game EVER!!!!!! This was the game before Madden took over the football gaming world. This game was licensed by the NFL and NFLPA, so it had actual NFL teams with real NFL players. Real plays, great playbook, just the best football game from the SNES generation.

The Madden Franchise @ PlayRetroGames.com

If you are even remotely interested in football and haven’t heard of Madden Football, then you need to seriously rethink your interest in the sport. These games are legitimate games for gamers and football enthusiasts alike. Extensive playbook for offence, defense, and special teams. Fully licensed by the NFL and NFLPA, so all your favorite teams and players are there. The game is updated every year, so the rosters stay current, and they make upgrades to plays and graphics each time. The newest versions of Madden are so realistic, it's like being a player and a coach at the same time, in your own home.

Classic NFL “Blitz” @ PlayRetro games.com

This is one of the fastest paced, hardest hitting, most exciting football game ever made. Seven on 7, actual players and teams, turbo features, trick plays, jukes, dives, spins, everything that makes football fun to watch and play is packed into this timeless arcade classic.

Searching for fun and exciting football games online doesn't need to be frustrating anymore. Check out these hits, and start having fun online again. No more sifting through soccer games looking for ‘American Football’ games. No matter what age, this great football games prove to keep any kid entertained.



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