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The Benefits of Playing Youth Football

Mar 31 2016

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Just because football is a full-contact sport, and there is the potential for serious injury, doesn’t mean that there are no positive benefits to playing youth football. Football teaches our youth some tremendous life skills they can carry with them forever. Not only does football provide great health benefits, both mental and physical, it also promotes camaraderie, teamwork, discipline, and work ethic that will help shape our children into well-rounded adults.

Health Benefits

Youth football provides mental and physical benefits to kids through physical activity. Such physical benefits include strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. Some mental benefits include boosting self-esteem, problem-solving, and leadership.


Building friendships with teammates in youth football is something very special indeed. A football team is like a small army, and when everyone works together towards one common goal, it brings those kids closer together. Friendships that are forged on the field of play can be strong last a lifetime. The camaraderie learned through football is invaluable to building relationships later in life.

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The game of football is so complex and made up of many positions on both sides of the ball. Incredible teamwork and leadership are required to ensure everyone is working together and playing their individual positions correctly to ensure the team’s success. Youth football teaches kids accountability, responsibility, leadership, and how to work well with others, something they will have to do no matter what path in life they choose.


Attention to the details in each task takes discipline. Running routes, learning blocking assignments, proper tackling technique and execution all demand close attention to detail, and discipline to carry those details throughout the game. Coaches, role models, and team leaders help to teach and demonstrate discipline to younger players.

Work Ethic

Youth football may not be as intense as varsity ball, or college football programs, but developing a strong work ethic starts early in football. Repeating drills, running plays in practice, showing up to the game after a tough loss and trying again is all about work ethic. Learning how to prepare, train hard, and win football games all takes a lot of work, and it is equally hard to lose. Youth football begins to lay the foundation of a strong work ethic for kids that will help them win and lose throughout their lives.Youth football gives kids the game skills to win football games, but those skills are easily translated into life skills down the road. The struggles, challenges, victories and defeats are all characteristics of football and life. Learning these lessons on the field of a youth football league is great for building resilient and well-rounded kids.


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