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The 5 Best Youth Baseball Uniforms

Feb 23 2016

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Baseball has always had one of the most identifiable uniform styles of any sport, thanks to the calf-length pants, high socks, and stirrups. Today, the basic uniform style for the sport remains the same, but there are more variations and choices now for teams. Youth baseball uniforms particularly offer a bit of freedom in terms of style and design, and there are some awesome ones out there on the community fields. For teams trying to pick a new uniform or revamp an old one, here's a list of five cool things you can do with your team gear.


1. Multi-Colored Jersey with Short Pinstriped Pants


Baggy, calf-length, pinstriped baseball pants are a classic Yankees look, and they look great when paired with a two-toned blue and red jersey and ball cap (blue shirt and cap with red sleeves and beak). Matching socks and a red belt tie the whole uniform together and the logo across the chest and on the left sleeve make a bold statement about the team. There are no stirrups with this uniform, which is good because it could clash with the vertical pinstripe in the pants.


2. Graphite Grey Pants With Vibrant Red Jerseys


Full-length graphite grey pants are quite popular right now, and they look especially sharp with a red stripe down the side when they're paired with bright red jerseys. A nice touch for the jerseys is a curving black sleeve, which is all tied together with a black and red hat. The team name across the chest gives the jersey an added focal point, and the whole thing looks great when paired with red shoes.  


3. A Black–to–Grey Jersey with Red Accents Throughout


If you want teams to stand out in youth baseball uniforms, why not try a diamond-patterned jersey that’s black at the shoulders and gradually fades to grey?  Throw in red accents on the sleeves, shoulders, and in the across-the-chest logo, and you’ve got yourself one great jersey. And when you combine the jersey with red shoes and full-length white pants that have a wide red stripe down the side that displays the team name, you have a winning uniform.


4. Traditional White with Modern Orange Flair


Nothing says classic baseball uniform like solid white with a white hat, but you can modernize the look with vibrant accents like orange short-sleeves and matching socks. Matching orange piping around the neck and collar of the jersey and down the front adds a special touch, and the slanted logo across the chest is the perfect finish to this traditional yet modern and tasteful uniform.


5. Black, White, and Red Lightning Uniforms


If baseball ever makes a comeback to the Olympics, you can bet there will be a team there dressed in an all-white uniform with red socks, red turtleneck undershirts, and long black triangles splitting up the side of the fitted calf-length pants. Top it off with red and white shoes and a side chest logo and you’ve got one sharp looking uniform.


There is a lot of choice out there regarding youth baseball uniforms styles, and this includes different pant styles, different jersey colors, buttons or no buttons on the jersey and options for socks, stirrups, belts, and hats. If you and your team are looking for some ideas, there are plenty of possibilities you can take advantage of to customize a traditional or non-traditional uniform to suit the personality of your team.


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