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The 3 Best Soccer Shooting Drills

May 06 2016

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We would be nowhere in soccer if it weren’t for scoring goals. When speaking about the basics when learning and practicing soccer plays, shooting is one of the most important. Each player on your team should be able to shoot well to take advantage of any opportunities to score.

Our top three best soccer shooting drills are:

1. The Numbers Game

Split the team into two even groups and assign each player a number. Players should have alternate colored jerseys. In a small, 15x12 yard grid, lay out two small goals with cones and place the ball in the middle of the grid. When the coach calls out a number, the players from each group with that number enter the grid and play a quick one on one until someone scores or the ball goes out of the grid and therefore out of bounds.

The point of this game is to encourage players to take on their opponent and take the opportunity to shoot when it presents itself. To make the drill more difficult, you can call out more than one number to make it a three on three, four on four, etc.

2. Attack and Defense Shooting Drill

This drill is great because it gives the players an opportunity to practice defense and shooting at the same time. Set up a grid that is the same width as the penalty box about 25-30 yards from the goal. Choose a goalkeeper and put them in the goal. Split the rest of players into two groups and have them wear alternate jerseys. At this point, each player in both groups has a ball.

On the whistle, the first player from the first group dribbles their ball to the goal and attempts to score. Once they’ve made their attempt, the first player in the second group gets their chance. The first player in the first group stays in the grid to defend the goal and this rotation repeats throughout the entire drill. This drill is so effective because it teaches players to transition quickly between offense and defense.

3. Triangle Goal Game

Create a triangle with training sticks or flags in the middle of a grid size of your choice. Place a goalkeeper in the middle of the triangle and split the team into two groups with alternating jersey colors. The purpose is for both teams to attempt to score on the triangle. For a goal to count, it must pass into the triangle no higher than the flags or sticks. The goalkeeper will defend all three sides of the triangle. If the ball goes through the triangle, it’s considered a point and the ball stays live on the other side of the triangle where it comes out. If the goalkeeper saves the goal, they will throw the ball into an empty space in the grid.

This drill is a favorite because it focuses on all aspects of the game while putting particular emphasis on shooting and taking advantage of the opportunity to shoot. Players must work together in this drill, mimicking real game situations.

It’s important to remember that shooting is only one part of soccer, albeit, a vital part. Try and incorporate other fundamentals in your shooting drills to get the most out of your players.


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