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10 Ways to Brighten Your Home

Apr 10 2018

Your spring cleanup of 2018 can work for your team. Start with these ideas and tips.

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With longer and sunnier days ahead of us, now is the perfect time to lighten and brighten your home for spring.

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Put away heavy winter wear in transparent storage containers. And while you’re at it, maybe ditch some of the other items that are taking up space in your home - and your life. 


Whether it’s classic white or a lighter shade of Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year Ultra Violet, a fresh palette can work wonders on tired walls. Never underestimate the power of paint! 


Pull out the pillows for a fresh new look this spring. Fabric and color can make a huge difference in every room of your home, adding seasonal textures to lighten things up. 

Go Green

Bring the outside in with the addition of spring florals and vases. Flowers and foliage scream springtime so why not deck your home with the colors of nature.  


If, like most people, your garage has become your go-to for all items without a proper place, now is the time to go through it once and for all. Get rid of those old broken tools and out of date sporting equipment. Tell yourself it’s to make way for new stuff! 


Remember the garage? You’ll need storage to keep it from being a junk trap. Cabinets, work benches and wall mounts can help keep your garage tidy and usable. 

Get Outside

Get that garden ready. Clear out ditches, get rid of plant skeletons and prep your grass for its time to shine. No garden? No problem. Even the smallest outside area can benefit from sprucing up with containers of herbs, a lattice of climbing leaves or even small potted plants. 

Make Room

From patio furniture to landscape lighting, making the most of your outdoor space is key this spring. If you have the space, consider an outdoor kitchen. Everything tastes better straight off the grill, especially when you savor it outside.  

Replace the Drapes 

Replace the window coverings and let the sun shine in! Sheers, light blinds or even bare glass brings spring straight into your home. 


Don’t do windows? Consider hiring a pro. They’ll clean your windows inside and out. Most companies have options for the seasonal window and eaves cleaning. Or do it yourself with some vinegar and soft wipes. It makes a massive difference and definitely improves the view. 

(Additional tip: On top of claiming your DIY projects as a deductible on your tax returns, you can get up to 10% back on tax products or on the season's most sought-out small business solutions through FlipGive.)

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