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Spring Break Essentials For 2017

Mar 20 2017

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It's almost that time of the year when students take their spring break and begin planning for their weeks’ vacation. With so much planning to do, it’s important to consider the types of products that can support a fun and memorable break with family and friends. And so, in this latest post, we’ll explore some of the spring break essentials for the coming break.


With many spring break vacationers getting away from the cooler temperatures in the north of the country to head to the southern states, outerwear remains an important consideration. This is particularly true if you’re headed to a location close to the ocean. In these towns, temperatures can drop rapidly in the evening, and you’ll soon find it’s the ideal temperature for that new hoodie or spring jacket.

Waterproof Watch

You'll be spending time at a vacation resort with family and friends. But you’ll still need to consider your studying, as you get ready to head back to school in a few days’ time. Make sure you plan for all elements of your spring break trip by bringing a waterproof watch with you. The latest smartwatches are designed so that you can set calendar reminders and build study time into your vacation fun this coming spring break.


Not all students like to enjoy the party scene for 24 hours-a-day. If you’re ready to enjoy partying with your friends in the evening and head to sleep at a reasonable hour, you might find yourself at odds with others at your hotel during spring break. It’s the time in the year where students swarm the resorts and party throughout the night. Make earplugs an important part of your spring break essentials vacation kit and ensure you’re ready for the next night’s festivities by getting a full night’s sleep.

Coconut Water

Trying to stay healthy while enjoying a spring break of partying and late nights isn’t easy. But the latest studies show coconut water can help! Try to stay hydrated and consume coconut water throughout your break. Coconut water can replenish your potassium levels and keep your electrolyte storage at the optimum to minimize hydration and muscle soreness challenges, which may become an issue if you are spending a good portion of your time in party mode.

Our team can highlight all the most important spring break essentials that will enable you to have a great time with family and friends. 


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