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How To Run A Prom Dress Drive Fundraiser

Dec 08 2017

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A prom dress drive is an amazing way to raise money for your community or school. This kind of fundraiser works best when done a couple months before prom season. prom dress fundraisers are a great way to raise funds because your fundraiser raises money on both the sale of the dresses and the entry fee for your fundraising event. Here’s how this kind of fundraiser works:


Get dresses for your fundraiser:

Reach out to members of your community to donate items to your fundraising campaign. Have a designated location so that your supporters know where to bring their gently used gowns, and have volunteers check each item over to make sure they aren’t damaged. If items for your fundraiser are damaged and the repairs are easy, schedule some time with your volunteers to make these repairs. Once you have the dresses for your fundraising event, price each item and organize them by size. This makes it easier for your supporters to find dresses they want, and it keeps your fundraiser more organized. 


Raise awareness for your fundraising event:

Create a flyer for your fundraising event to let your supporters know where and when your fundraising event will be taking place. Let your supporters know what the entry fee will be for your fundraising event (if you choose to charge an entry fee) and create an online fundraising page so that supporters who cannot make it to your event can still support your cause. 


Before your fundraising event: 

Once you have all of the items organized for your fundraiser, you’re going to need some extra items in order to make sure your fundraiser runs smoothly. You’re going to need hanging racks for your dresses, and a place for your supporters to try on their choices. Make sure you let your supporters know if your fundraiser is cash only, or if they are able to use credit cards during your fundraising event. 


During your fundraising event: 

Have a team of volunteers tasked with making sure your fundraiser remains organized. With supporters trying on items, you’re going to want volunteers tasked with putting items back and making sure the sizes stay in the same place. Have volunteers designated for cashing out your supporters, and if you’re choosing to charge an entry fee, make sure that you have a volunteer manning the main door of your fundraiser. You can choose to sell advance tickets, or just sell at the door. Selling in advance is a great way to guarantee attendance and funds for your fundraising event. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

If you have a FlipGive fundraising page, you can use it to collect funds before your fundraising event. You could also earn up to 25% cash back on items you need for your fundraising event. 

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