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How To Run A Ping Pong Tournament Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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Hosting a table tennis tournament is a great way to engage your entire community! Ping pong is accessible to participants of all athletic levels, so it’s a great option for teams, communities, and schools alike! After all, who doesn't love a little friendly competition? 


Why this is a great fundraising option:

Hosting a ping pong tournament requires very little equipment. If you don’t have ping pong tables available to you, then this sort of fundraiser gets a little more complicated. If you don’t have ping pong tables, reach out to your community members to see if you can borrow or rent them. 


What you need for your fundraiser:

Schedule your tournament one a weekend so that your entire community can participate. Make sure that all of your players have a copy of the rules and regulations for your fundraising event. If you’re going to offer a prize for your fundraising event, you’ll need to factor that in to your entry fee. Basics you’ll need for your fundraiser are:

-Ping pong paddles

-Ping pong balls



How your fundraiser raises money:

Charge an entry fee for your participants to play in your ping pong tournament. Make sure that your prizing reflects your entry fee. The higher more elaborate the prize, the more you can charge your participants to play. 

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