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March Madness Fundraising Ideas

Mar 20 2017

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March Madness is one of those annual rites of passage for basketball fans across the country. The NCAA men’s and women’s basketball tournaments determine the two champions of college basketball. And millions of basketball fans across the country use the opportunity to take part in March Madness fundraiser in celebration of a worthy cause in their area. If you’re planning a themed fundraiser in the coming weeks, we’re here to provide you with three March Madness fundraising ideas in this latest post.

School Fundraiser

Work with other students at your school to host an event for the organization. Before planning your March Madness school fundraiser, it’s important that you consider the venue and the types of precautions you’ll need to take before inviting others to join the event. Speak to school administrative staff about their own security policies related to event security and room capacities.

You might want to rent the gymnasium space at your local school and show the event on the big screen, offering attendees access to the event for a small ticket fee. This will allow sports fans to enjoy the game with friends without paying the high price for watching the game live at the arena or at age-restricted locations such as sports bars.


Silent Auction

For those with lots of sports memorabilia and access to a high net worth community, a silent auction could be the best way to raise funds as part of a March Madness fundraiser event. The silent auction could take place during a related fundraising event such as a March Madness trivia contest. The goal is to engage potential buyers with high-quality products to raise funds for a local charity. By working with a team and setting specific auction rules, event hosts can raise thousands of dollars for charity while giving sports fans the chance to bid on interesting products!

Charity Tournaments

What better way to pay homage to the college stars of the NCAA than hosting your own basketball game for charity? Make sure you invite players with some experience in the game if your goal is to sell tickets to fans. And try to ensure you follow all event security and medical procedures when booking the venue. You’ll likely require trained medics to be at courtside ready to respond to injuries. You should also ensure that your fundraising team understands the risk of this type of event, and work with local experts to help mitigate these risks. It might take the time to prepare, but a charity tournament can offer significant fundraising advantages!

Our expert team is here to help guide you in creating your March Madness fundraiser. To learn more about the range of options available, call our team directly


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