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How you can copy Las Vegas Sports Academy’s great start

Apr 20 2018

Sure, Debra's page earned $300 in the first month, but how can you copy her success?

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Debra’s page has earned over $300 in their first month – which is a great start towards her goal! The key was getting the team on board, but how do you do it? It looks like the Academy can give us more than just a lesson in sports.

Start Face-to-Face

While the page is online, the key for her was an in-person demonstration.

“We had a team meeting to explain the program and show how it worked. I had already done a test run by ordering from Walmart,” said Debra. “This helped because they could see the earnings when we met.”

There could be questions about how this works, or where they can shop to earn back for the team. By doing an in-person demo Debra made sure everyone was on the same page.

Lead by Example

Because Debra started the ball rolling, others did the same. The interesting part is that her team members actually shopped at the exact same store to start out.

“Others tried the same with orders from Walmart, now they’ve expanded to buying gift cards, and more.”

Picking something that you know will be popular with the rest of the team really helps them understand how it works. It also makes sure that the first example they see is something they’ll want to purchase.

Encourage Sharing

By clicking through the how to share the page, Debra also made sure the others knew how to share with friends and family. She even took it one step further by texting the team link to people she knew.

“The team members have been sharing the FlipGive page on social media (Facebook) and also word of mouth,” said Debra. “I reached out to friends and family out of state by text messaging.”

Want some tips on getting started? Book a call with one of our Fundraising coaches here, and we can let you know what has proven successful in the past. Or, if you’re looking for handouts and presentation tools, you can find them here.

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