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How To Run An Olympic Games Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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Running an olympic games fundraiser is an awesome way to raise money for your team, cause, or school. This kind of fundraiser is quite the undertaking though, so make sure that you’re ready to put in the work, and have a group of volunteers available to help you. You can run your olympic games fundraiser at anytime of year, but it’s probably best to do it during the summer, when you can host the games outside. If you have access to a large indoor space, that works as well. 


Competitions for your fundraiser

There are tons of competitions that you can do for your fundraiser. Some examples are: 

-beanbag toss

-three legged race

-wheelbarrow racing

-relay race

-sports games

-bobbing for apples

-balancing games


Things you’ll need for your fundraiser

You’re going to want to have an area where scores are being kept during your fundraiser. Make sure you have volunteers who are in charge of keeping score so you know which team is in the lead. This motivates your participants the entire day, and makes things a lot more fun. You’ll need to make sure that you have water available for your participants, and that all of the stations have someone who is tasked with keeping it organized. 


Prizes for your fundraiser

Olympic games fundraisers are great because you actually don’t need to have prizing. It can be a great motivator, but often these kinds of fundraisers are more about having fun. 


How your fundraiser raises money

Have a minimum raise in order for participants to compete in your fundraiser. 

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