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How To Run An Obstacle Course Fundraiser

Dec 10 2017

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On obstacle course fundraiser is a great way to raise money, especially if you’re raising money for a community or team. It takes a little bit of planning, but it can be a really fun way to rally your team members and participate in something fun and engaging. There are a few ways you can run your fundraising event, and each works well depending on who you’re raising money for!


How your fundraiser works: 

You can run your fundraiser a few ways. If you want your participants to work as a team, require a minimum raise for each team to participate. If you want your participants to compete individually, charge a fee for each time they move through your obstacle course event. If you want to raise even more, allow for your supporters to do the obstacle course as many times as they want, to improve their times. Participants win your fundraising event by moving through your fundraiser at the fastest rate. No matter which option you choose, you’ll need to stagger your competitors so there aren’t too many people on your obstacle course at once during your fundraising event. 


Putting together your obstacle course:

If your fundraising event is individual, it’s a lot easier to come up with events for your obstacle course. You can host your fundraising event in a school or community centre gym, and have your participants compete to see who can finish fastest. If you’re running your fundraising event as a team, things get a little more complicated. You need to make sure that your obstacle course is safe for multiple people to be on at the same time. If you’re expecting a large turnout, this kind of event is best in the summer months, where it can be done outside. If you have access to a large indoor space, you can do it any time of year!


Spreading the word about your fundraiser:

Depending on how intense your obstacle course fundraiser is going to be, you’ll need to give your participants enough time to train. Create a Facebook event for your fundraiser, and have an online platform where your participants can raise money before your event starts. 


Organizing your volunteers for your fundraiser:

You’ll need to make sure you have volunteers watching the entire obstacle course from multiple angles. This ensures that your participants play fairly, and safeguards in case there are injuries. Depending on how intense your obstacle course is, you may want to have a medic on staff as well. 


Prizing for your fundraiser:

You don’t necessarily need to have prizing for your obstacle course fundraiser. If you choose to have prizing, make sure that the entry fee (for teams or individuals) reflects that. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

Earn up to 10% cash back for your fundraiser when you purchase items through a FlipGive fundraising page. This includes everything from t-shirts for your participants to prizing for your winners. 

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