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How To Run A Sports Equipment Swap Fundraiser

Dec 12 2017

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A sports equipment swap fundraiser is an amazing solution to yearly sports equipment expenses for parents. This kind of fundraiser is a win-win, your kids get gear at a discounted rate, and your team, cause, or school raises money. 


How it works: 

The best way to run this kind of fundraiser is to collect items beforehand. Have a donation box where your supporters can donate their items in exchange for a ticket to your fundraising event. Participants who have donated items are granted entry into your fundraising event, and are promoted to make a donation of their choosing for items that they need for their kids. 


Organizing your fundraiser:

Depending on how many items you have, you’re going to want to organize donated sports equipment by sport and by size. Enlist the help of volunteers in order to sift through everything. Have volunteers on hand in order to guide your supporters through the areas of your swap and keep things organized. You’ll also want volunteers at the entrance to explain to your participants how the swap works, and to prompt supporters to make donations when they exit. 

It’s important to be very clear about the terms of your swap. Having your supporters work on a donation basis is best if they provided the items for your fundraiser. 

Some sports equipment swaps charge an admission fee and allow attendants to take anything they want. Another option is to price out each item in advance. If you are getting old equipment from an athletic supplier, doing it this way is best. If your supporters have already donated their own items, keep it on a donation basis and don’t require a specific price point. 


What to do with leftover items: 

If you’re charging per item, hold and end of day clearance sale for leftover items. If you’re working on a donation basis, find a community organization where you can donate the leftovers. 


Where to host your fundraiser:

You’ll want to host your fundraising event in a large open space, like a school gym or a community centre arena. This gives you more than enough room to keep your swap enjoyable for your supporters. 


Getting the word out:

Make sure to publicize your event with your community, family, and friends. You’re going to want to let your participants and supporters know well in advance, so they have enough time to bring items that they want to donate, and so they don’t go ahead and purchase new items. 

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