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How To Run A Soccer Tournament Fundraiser

Nov 14 2017

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A soccer tournament fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your team, cause, or school. Soccer tournaments are more athletically challenging than other athletic tournaments, so this kind of fundraiser is great for teams. 


How your soccer tournament raises money

Participants in your tournament should have to meet a minimum raise requirement in order to participate. When you establish your minimum, make sure that you have a budget for your entire event in mind. Have motivational perks available for teams that raise above and beyond the minimum, but make sure that the minimum raise for your fundraiser is enough to cover all the expenses associated with the tournament. 


Costs associated with running your tournament

Costs associated with your soccer tournament may include uniforms for your participants, food and water throughout the day, and field fees. You may also need to hire a medic for the duration of the soccer tournament. You’ll also need to account for prizing for your tournament. Whether the prizes are monetary, items, or trophies, they all carry a cost that you need to factor into your budget. Make sure you check with the location you are hosting your tournament at, they may have associated fees that you’re not aware of. 


Look for sponsors for your fundraiser

Sponsors can really help offset the cost of your soccer tournament fundraiser. Approach local businesses in your area, and have a sponsorship package available for them that includes perks associated with your soccer tournament. 


Recruit volunteers for your fundraiser

you’re going to need a lot of help running your fundraising campaign. Assemble a large team of volunteers who will be able to help you plan your fundraising event, as well as volunteers to help run your fundraiser on the day of. 


Make sure your community knows about your fundraiser

Create an event for your fundraiser on Facebook, and invite your community members. Have a flyer that’s available in places where your community will see it, and have flyers available at community events. 

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