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How To Run A Reverse Raffle Fundraiser

Nov 15 2017

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A reverse raffle fundraiser is a quick and easy fundraising campaign for your community, team, or school to run. 


How your fundraiser works: 

In contrast to a traditional raffle, a reverse raffle is the type of fundraiser that is meant to go on for longer than one day. Each day a number of raffle tickets are pulled, and the last ticket in the pot is the winner of the prize. This kind of fundraiser is so much fun, but it means that you’re going to need to do for a group of people that you can communicate with often, so this kind of fundraiser works best for schools. 


How your fundraiser raises money: 

Sell raffle tickets during a certain period of time. You can decide how much you want to sell each ticket for, but keep the prizing in mind when you decide on the ticket price for your fundraiser. The bigger the prize, the more you can charge for your raffle tickets. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

All you’ll need for this fundraiser is raffle tickets and a list of the numbers that you have already drawn during your reverse raffle in order to maintain accountability. 

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