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How To Run A Recycling Drive

Dec 14 2017

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One option to raise funds in a “green” and environmentally conscious way is to organize a recycling drive for members of your community or school. Recycling drives are simple, and can raise your team a lot of money, but you should be prepared for a whole lot of leg work. Recycling drives can be run by groups of any age, and do a lot to help the environment. 


How your fundraiser raises money:

How much your fundraiser raises largely depends on how much your city pays for recyclables. Most states have a refund policy, and will pay a set amount per bottle or can, and often other recyclable items. Make sure to check your city’s guidelines to find out what their policy is. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

All that’s needed for your fundraiser is volunteers, a collection place, and sorting areas to separate recyclables and make transferring easier. Think about the weather when you’re choosing the location for your recycling drive. If you are running your fundraising event in the winter, best to host it indoors, like at a school gym. It’s less than ideal, because recyclables are often garbage. If you do run it inside, make sure you have a few volunteers to help you with the cleanup after your fundraiser is done. If you’re running your fundraising event during the warmer months, a school parking lot is a perfect option. 


Transporting your items:

Make sure you have access to larger vehicles in order to transport your recyclables. 

What you need to know before your fundraiser starts:

-Ask your local recycling centre what the requirements are for dropping off items. The last thing you want is to be stranded with all of these items that your local centre won’t accept. 

-Have your fundraisers bring working gloves and wear sturdy shoes. When working with glass and other recyclables, it’s most likely that a few things will break along the way. 


Publicizing your fundraiser:

Post flyers for your fundraiser a few weeks in advance and have bins around your community centre or school where supporters can drop off items if they can’t make your fundraising event. ​



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