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How To Run A Mystery Box Fundraiser

Nov 20 2017

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A mystery box fundraiser is a super fun way to raise money, and it’s also really simple. You can run your fundraiser in a few ways. You can have a mystery box raffle, you can have a contest to guess what’s in the box, or you can sell small mystery boxes to supporters, with proceeds going to your fundraising campaign. 


Raising money with a raffle:

Raising money with a mystery box raffle is the simplest way to raise money for your team, cause, or school. Supporters buy raffle tickets in order to win a mystery prize. Prepare a mystery box, and make sure that the box is decorated well to encourage your supporters to buy raffle tickets! Your mystery box should look exciting, so that your supporters will be motivated during the raffle period. You can decorate your mystery box in your team colors if your raising money for a sports team, or in a holiday theme if you’re running your fundraiser over Christmas or Valentine’s Day. Make sure that your raffle ticket price reflects the prize that’s in the mystery box. If you’re prize for your fundraiser is substantial, it’s a good idea to charge more for your tickets to raise even more for your fundraiser. 


Raising money with a guessing contest:

Raising money with a guessing contest is a really fun way to raise money! Participants guess what’s in your mystery box, and the closest guess wins the contents of the box! Your going to want to give a few details to entice your supporters to participate in your fundraising event, like the value of the items in your mystery box. Approach local businesses in your area and see if they would be willing to sponsor the prizing so that you can raise even more money. 


Raising money with small mystery boxes:

This kind of fundraiser is a little bit more difficult to run, so you’re going to want to have some volunteers available to help you run your fundraising event. Have items that that you can put either in brown paper bags or nondescript boxes and sell mystery bags, with proceeds going to your team, cause, or school. 


Bonus cash back: 

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