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How To Run A Kid's Clothing Swap

Dec 12 2017

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Running a kids clothing swap is an easy way to rally your community to raise money for your team or cause. This kind of fundraiser works especially well if you’re running it at an elementary school, because kids grow out of their clothes so fast! You’re practically guaranteed to have a whole group of parents with lots of clothes their willing to donate to help your fundraising endeavours 


How to get ready for your fundraiser:

The easiest way to get ready for a clothing swap is to have participants drop off their gently used items prior to the swap itself. You’ll want to enlist the help of a few volunteers, and organize your donations by size to make it easiest for your participants to find what they’re looking for. Depending on the size of your event, you can easily host it in a school gym, or even a classroom. 


How your fundraiser makes money:

When your supporters come to your clothing swap, have signs up stating what the expectations are when taking things from the swap. Keep in mind that most of the participants who have come to support your cause have also donated items, so it’s best to either have a small flat fee per item $1-$2, or ask that your supporters donate whatever they can. 


Other items you’ll need for your fundraiser:

Have bags of some kind so that your participants can take home the things they’ve bought. Have tables or clothing racks available to hang or organize your items. At the end of your clothing swap, have a couple boxes available for unsold items. You can donate these items to a local shelter or a charity of your choosing. 

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