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How To Run A Dress Up Day Fundraiser

Dec 13 2017

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A dress up day fundraiser is a great fundraising event that works great for schools, especially those that have uniforms. You can have your fundraiser for a specific group, like an athletic team, or generally for the school at large. Here’s how it raises money:


If your school has uniforms:

If you’re school has uniforms, have your students pay a small fee in order to show up out of uniform for a day during the school year. Have a few volunteers walking around the school and collecting donations for your team or cause. If your school is concerned about dress code, make sure that there are guidelines available for students before your fundraising day. 


If you don’t have school uniforms:

When you don’t have school uniforms, raising money with dress up days goes a little differently. If you’re raising money for an athletic team, have your team members raise money with the promise of coming to school dressed up. For example, if your team raises $1000 for a cause, they’ll all come dressed up as different superheroes. Another option is to have a dress up day in honour of a charitable organization, and have volunteers walk around prompting your participants to donate. 


Types of dress up days:


-Crazy hat day

-breast cancer awareness (Wear pink)

-movie character day

-haunted house day

-Characters from TV


There are lots of other options for your fundraising event so get creative! 

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