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How To Run A Community Yard Sale Fundraiser

Nov 15 2017

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Hosting a community yard sale fundraiser is a big undertaking, but a really fun event to put on for your community. Your community members have the opportunity to participate in a one stop shop yard sale, and raise money for your cause. This kind of fundraiser takes a lot of organization, so you’re going to want to have volunteers available the day of your fundraising event to help you set up your fundraiser and clean up after it’s over. 


How your fundraiser works:

Supporters who wish to participate in your community yard sale fundraiser should have a designated area to sell their wares. You’ll need a fairly large space in order for your fundraiser to work. Host your fundraising event in your school gym or the gym of your community centre. If you have access to a large hall of any kind, this also works great. If you don’t have a space big enough to host this kind of fundraiser, run your community yard sale in the summer and host it at a local park, just make sure you have the permits necessary to run your fundraising event.  You’ll need to give your participants ample time to set up their items, so make sure that you send your participants a detailed schedule in order to keep things running smoothly. Set up should be fully complete by the time your supporters arrive at your event. 


How your fundraiser raises money: 

Charge your supporters for a table to sell their wares at your community yard sale. You can also charge an entry fee so that supporters can come and purchase items from your fundraiser. Give your participants the option to donate their proceeds to your fundraising campaign as well. 


What to do with leftover items from your fundraiser:

Give your participants the option to donate leftover items to a shelter or community clothing box. Even if physical donations can’t contribute to your fundraiser, another cause or charity could benefit from the items. 

Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

If you want to provide refreshments for your fundraiser, you could earn up to 10% cash back when you purchase items you need for your fundraising campaign through a FlipGive fundraiser. 


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