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How To Run A Color War Fundraiser

Nov 14 2017

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A color war fundraiser is a fundraiser fan favourite. This kind of fundraiser is an especially great event to run at a camp or at a school. This kind of fundraiser requires a lot of planning, but it can be something that your community or team looks forward to every year. Color war fundraisers are an all-day thing, so you’re going to want to be prepared for anything that comes your way. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

Give your participants ample notice that your color war event is happening. If you’re color war fundraiser is running at school or camp, you’ll want to send a note home in order to make sure that parents know which day they need to dress their kids in a certain color. 

You’ll need to divide your participants into teams, depending on the number of kids on your team, or at your school, you can have 1-4 color war teams on the day of your fundraising event. You’ll need to make sure you have water available all day, especially if your fundraiser is taking place in the summer, and have volunteers available to keep track of who has won what activity. 


How your fundraiser raises money:

Your fundraiser can raise money a number of ways. Encourage your participants to donate in order to participate, or have certain events during the color war contribute to your cause. 


Events for your color war:

There are tons of ways you can get your participants to compete with each other. You can host traditional sports games like soccer or basketball, or more fun events like balloon tosses and three legged races. 


Prizes for your fundraiser:

The great thing about a color war is often the day itself is enough of a prize. Declare a winner, but it’s not necessary to have a prize for the winning team, especially because the winning team is usually quite large. 

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