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How To Run A Candy Cane Fundraiser

Dec 09 2017

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Hosting a candy cane fundraiser is a great way to get into the holiday spirit. This kind of fundraising event works for any organization or team, you’re just going to have to make sure you run your fundraiser in a way that makes sense for your team, cause, or school. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

First, you’ll need to decide when you’re running your fundraiser, and making sure that you have enough time to sell your candy canes and have them delivered (if you’re going with this option). You’ll need candy canes of course, ribbon to tie bushels of candy canes together (or bags if that’s how you’re selling them), cards to add to your candy canes, and a team of volunteers to help you during your fundraiser. 


If you’re hosting your fundraiser for a school: 

This kind of fundraiser is a great way to make the holiday season fun for students. Set up your candy cane station in a location where students frequent. It’s best to sell your candy canes during lunch for up to a week prior to when you will be delivering them. Because all of your participants are in the same place, it’s a great place to do a candy cane fundraiser that includes santa delivering the items from your fundraiser.


How to organize delivery:

Make a list of the classrooms that will be in use during your delivery time. When your participants purchase your candy canes, make sure they have a card of some sort to attach so that you know who the candy canes are for. Once that’s done, have them write the name of the recipient and organize alphabetically. Have your volunteers organize by classroom at the end of your fundraising purchase period and give each volunteer a class for delivery. This kind of fundraiser is something that can be run every year, and always has students looking forward. 


If you’re hosting your fundraiser for an organization:

If you’re hosting your fundraiser for a community centre or organization, have a location where supporters know they can come and purchase their candy canes. Make sure that you organize a volunteer schedule, or have your candy canes in a place where there is always someone around, like your community centre office. Most of your supporters will be giving your candy canes away as gifts, so your fundraiser could make extra money by offering candy canes in boxes, or having the option to purchase a box to raise more for your cause. 


If you’re hosting your fundraiser for a team: 

Hosting a candy cane fundraiser for a team is a great fundraiser to run during games. Send out a notice to the parents on your team that you’ll be selling candy canes during games so that they’re prepared to support your fundraiser. 



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