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How To Run A Baseball Tournament Fundraiser

Nov 02 2017

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Hosting a basetball tournament fundraiser is a really fun way to raise money for any team or cause. You can raise money for absolutely any cause, however this is a challenging fundraising endeavour, so make sure you have a team of volunteers who can help you with your fundraising tournament. 


Recreational baseball tournament fundraiser

A recreational baseball tournament fundraiser is a great way to involve your entire community in your cause. Participants have to raise a minimum in order to participate in the tournament.


League baseball tournament fundraiser

A league basketball fundraiser is an easy way to raise money. Participants raise an entry fee in order to play, and teams are already established within the league so there is a lot less orchestrating to do for this kind of fundraiser. 


School baseball tournament fundraiser

School baseball tournaments can be done a couple of ways. You can reach out to the teams of different schools and organize a tournament with your school baseball team, or you can encourage the students at your school to create intramural teams. If you’re going with the second choice, set a minimum amount of money each team must raise in order to qualify for your tournament. 


Raise extra cash

Auction off the first pitch of your baseball tournament to raise even more money for your team or cause. 


Bonus cash back

Earn 10% cash back when you outfit your team with Allied shirts, and help your team reach their goals by suggesting they use FlipGive for their entry fees. 

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