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How to Pack the Ultimate Sports Mom Survival Bag

Jul 21 2018

Your ultimate tournament bag checklist

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Tournament season is upon us and if you are a Sports Mom, you know what that means! It means getting ready for any kind of situations: playing in the heat for hours, facing possible mosquitos attacks, sitting on the grass when there are no seats available and the list goes on. We can relate, we know how important it is to be prepared and we want you to make the most out of your tournament season with a survival kit that will make you feel like superwoman!


It's Snack Time!

Cheering your favorite team can easily work up an appetite, we all know how taxing celebrating your team's highs and lows can be.  Make sure to pack individually packaged snacks such as granola bars, juice boxes or pretzels amongst others. Tote Bags with compartments will make your life easier as they'll help you to stay organized and to carry all types of snacks. Don't forget to stay hydrated by bringing a stainless steel water bottle, they will keep your iced water cold for hours! 


To Prevent & Heal 

We all know games can get to be quite eventful. Sunburns, mosquito bites and boo-boos happen, but here is a list of products to prevent them from ruining your game.

- Sunscreen  

- Bug Spray to stay protected from bugs like mosquitoes and ticks. 

- Wet wipes, towels, and hands sanitizer: For when things get dirty! 

- First Kit Aid with band-aids & antibiotics ointments. 


And last but not least, don't forget the electronics! 


Let's start with devices that will help you get to your destination, use a GPS or the Maps application on your mobile device. Take time to save all the information related to the game such as the field's direction, the team's schedule, and  the coach's phone number. Secondly, make sure to check that your phone is fully charged in order to contact the team if anything out of the ordinary happens and to capture pictures of the team's best moments. Power Banks are a great tool to carry around as they will provide you a full day of battery. If the camera on your phone is not good enough to capture all the memories, don't forget to pack a camera with a bunch of SD cards to make the most out of these moments. Last but not least, having the Flipgive app on your phone is a must as you will be able to shop and earn cash to support your team on the go! 


Sports Mom Bag Checklist 

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