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How To Host A Talent Show Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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Hosting a talent show fundraiser is a great event to host for a community or school. If your community centre or school has a thriving arts program, reach out to the directors of those programs first and enlist their help in putting your fundraiser together. This kind of fundraiser is not ideal for teams because there usually aren’t enough team members to put together an entire show, but it could be a great option for a league.


Before you host your fundraiser:

You need to hold auditions for your fundraiser before you can announce the show. Print flyers and post them in a place that your participants will be likely to see them. If you community centre or school has an email newsletter, this would be a great place to let students know about your fundraiser. Once the acts for your fundraising event have been chosen, the real work begins. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

The most important think you need for your fundraiser is a place to put on your event. Ideally, your school or community centre has an auditorium where you can host the show. If not, approach local event spaces to see if they would be interested in donating their space for your event, and make it clear they will receive sponsorship recognition at your fundraising event.  You will need decor for your stage as well. Luckily, a talent show fundraiser is not as labor intensive as a play. All you need is a backdrop, ideally letting your supporters know what the cause you are raising money for is. For example, if you’re raising money for your soccer team, the backdrop could include “Soccer team talent show”. 


How to share you fundraiser: 

Have flyers that you can hand out to potential supporters in your community, or people you think would be interesting in coming to your fundraising event. Have an event page on Facebook so that your supporters will remember the date of your fundraiser on their calendars, and so that you will be able to share exciting information about your fundraiser with them. Make sure you also have an online flyer that your supporters can share via email and social media. 


Bonus cash back:

If you have a FlipGive campaign page, you could earn up to 25% cash back when you buy items for your event through your campaign page. 

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