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How To Host A Silent Auction Fundraiser

Nov 02 2017

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Hosting a silent auction is a great way for your team, cause, or school to raise money for upcoming expenses. A silent auction entails having a wide range of items available for supporters to bid on, and proceeds of the items contributing to your fundraising campaign. Hosting a silent auction fundraiser takes a lot of time and effort, so make sure that you have a committee of volunteers available to make your fundraiser a success. 


What you need to know about silent auction fundraisers

Silent auction fundraisers are usually held over a weekend, and most often are more of a gala event that includes dinner and socializing for participants. Participants usually pay a fee in order to attend the auction, and these kinds of fundraisers are usually more high profile events. 


If you want to have a simple silent auction fundraiser

If you want to have a silent auction fundraiser that requires less work, there is always the option of hosting the silent auction as a secondary event at something bigger, like a tournament or a team dinner. 


How to get silent auction items for your fundraiser

Approach local businesses and families in your community to help you conduct your fundraiser. The items that are available for auction should get people excited about donating to your cause. If your fundraiser is for an athletic association, sports memorabilia may work best, but if you are raising money for a school, perhaps the auction items for your fundraiser can be more varied. 


How the silent auction works

Each item that is available during your silent auction fundraiser should have an available auction sheet. The auction sheet should detail what number the bidding starts at (for example, a signed hockey stick starting for $100). Make sure that the sheets for your fundraiser detail the appropriate increase increments for each item. You should also have volunteers surrounding the auction space so that they can keep an eye on the items that are being auctioned for your fundraiser and also make sure that participants are following the rules of the fundraiser. 


Bonus cash back

Any item that you purchase through a FlipGive campaign for your silent auction fundraiser could earn your team, school, or cause up to 25% cash back. If you are going to be serving food at your event and don’t want to spend money on catering, you can also purchase eGift cards for popular restaurants. 

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