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How To Host A Raffle Fundraiser

Oct 26 2017

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Hosting a raffle is one of the simplest ways to raise money for your team or cause. Raffles can be organized as one-day events, as an addition to another event, or as an ongoing fundraising effort. Prizing is pretty flexible for a raffle, just make sure that the ticket prices coordinate with the prizing. For example, if your raffle prizes are less than $100 each, charge $5 or less per ticket. 


One-day raffle fundraiser

A one-day raffle fundraiser will spur some excitement for your cause or team. Usually, with a time-sensitive raffle fundraiser, you want to make sure that you build up hype ahead of time, and make sure that the prizing reflects the immediate nature of the fundraising prize. 


Ongoing raffle fundraiser

Raffle fundraisers can run any duration of time you like. Raffles that are leading up to a certain event (like throwing the first pitch at a game) should run two or three weeks. 


Event raffle

A raffle is a great way to raise extra money for your fundraising cause. If you team or cause is hosting a fundraising event, like a tournament or a gala, you can run a raffle at the same time. Make sure the prizing for your raffle fundraiser coordinated with the event. For example, you can raffle off the first pitch of a baseball tournament to raise extra funds. 


Bonus cash back: 

Purchasing raffle prizes for your fundraiser through a FlipGive campaign page could earn your team up to 25% cash back on the raffle prizes. 

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