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How To Host A Jewelry Sale Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

FlipGive is a free team funding app that makes raising money a breeze. Teams earn cash back for buying the things they already need. Get paid whenever you shop, dine out, book hotels or activities.

Hosting a jewelry sale fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your team, cause, or school, especially during the holiday season or Valentine’s Day. Choosing the right time to host your fundraiser is almost as important as what you choose to sell to your supporters. The items you’re selling should work in conjunction with the time of year. Sell holiday themed items for your fundraiser if you are hosting it in November or December, and go with something holiday themed if you are planning on hosting it during February or Easter season. 


Where to host your fundraiser:

If your fundraiser is raising money for your school, have your sale available at a school event. You could also host this fundraiser during lunchtime for students, but keep in mind that unless this fundraiser is at a high school,students don’t usually make purchases without their parents. If you have a christmas play, or Valentine’s Day event, a jewelry sale is a great way to raise extra money. You can also host your jewelry sale online, so that your supporters can order exactly what they need with proceeds going towards your cause. 


How to order your jewelry for your fundraiser:

You can order the jewelry for your fundraiser two ways. If you want to order in advance, you can purchase bulk items at a wholesale price from a retailer in your area. You should have the option to return unsold merchandise, so that your fundraiser can raise as much money as possible. A much easier way to order is to have an online space, like Flipgive, where your supporters can purchase items, or have a catalogue they can order from. The upside to this option is you don’t have to deal with inventory for your fundraiser, but the downside is that your supporters will be more likely to purchase items that they can take home on the same day. 


Bonus cash back:

If your supporters purchase their items through a FlipGive campaign page, you could earn up to 12% cash back for your team, cause, or school. 

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