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How To Host A Games Tournament Fundraiser

Nov 20 2017

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A games tournament fundraiser is a really fun and easy way to raise money for any cause. Unlike regular games tournaments, this kind of tournament involves different games that your supporters bring in themselves to help you raise money for your fundraiser. Here’s how this kind of fundraiser works: 


How to organize your fundraiser:

You can organize your fundraiser a few ways. If you choose to have your supporters bring their own games, you’re tournament will function more as a space where your supporters can play games with each other, as opposed to a traditional tournament where participants play the same game and progress through different rounds. If your supporters bring their own games your fundraiser could be way more fun, but that means supporters will most likely be bringing games that some of your other participants don’t know how to play. Account for this while you plan your fundraiser. 


If you’re running a traditional tournament:

Decide on which game you want to play for your tournament, and make sure that you have enough boards for your participants. You’re going to want to assemble a team of volunteers to keep track of the scores for your fundraising campaign. If you don’t have enough games already, pick a commonly played game like chess, and ask volunteers to bring in their own games to help your fundraising event save money. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser:

You’ll need tables so that your participants can play the game you choose for your tournament, as well as a space for your fundraiser. If you have access to a gym or an auditorium, these work really well as locations for your fundraiser and can often be used for free. 


Prizing for your fundraiser:

You’ll need to figure out prizes for your fundraising event. Prizing can be anything from gift cards to trophies to cash prizes. If you choose to have gift cards as a prize for your fundraising event, you could earn up to 15% cash back on every purchase if you have a FlipGive fundraising campaign

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