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How To Host A Face Painting Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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A face painting fundraiser is a really simple and easy way to raise money for your team, cause, or school. This kind of fundraising campaign works best as an attachment to another fundraising event, like a carnival or community bbq. it’s a great option because it takes very little planning, and the items you’ll need to run this fundraiser are cheap and easily accessible. 


What you’ll need for your fundraiser

First and foremost, you’ll need face paint. You can find different kids of face paint at your local art supply store. You’re going to want to test out the face paint before your fundraiser, and make sure that the face paint that you buy for your fundraiser works well on sensitive skin, especially if you’re doing the face painting on little kids. You’ll need items like brushes for your fundraiser, and plates to put the face paint on. You’ll also need a table to conduct your face painting fundraiser, and makeup remover wipes in case you make mistakes. 


How your fundraiser raises money

Supporters pay a fee in order to have their face painted. Have some photos available of different face paint designs for your supporters to choose from. These can be anything from superheroes, to animals, to stars and hearts. Charge more for the more difficult designs to make sure that your fundraiser raises money. 


Have volunteers for your fundraiser

If you’re fundraiser will be taking place at a crowded event, you want to make sure that you have enough volunteers to deal with the demand. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser

Earn up to 25% cash back on art supplies for your fundraising event. 

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