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How To Host A Craft Fair Fundraiser

Nov 13 2017

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Hosting a craft fair is no small feat, especially because your team or community has to put together the fundraising event as well as create items to sell at said event. This kind of fundraiser works best for organizations or communities that have art classes or art-centered activities that could populate your fundraiser. 


Planning your fundraiser:

This is the kind of fundraiser you need to plan very far in advance. If you are planning on having vendors for your craft fair alongside community-made items, contact them as soon as possible, and inform them of your fundraising event. It’s not uncommon for vendors to rent out tables to sell their wares. Make sure you have a detailed floor plan for vendors, and a plan on how you are going to publicize your fundraiser to your community. 


Community fundraiser items:

Community members should be given a lot of guidance so they know what they’ll be expected to make for your craft fair fundraiser. Items that are particularly popular are knits, paintings, or stained glass items that supporters can purchase for their homes. If your having trouble filling your craft fair fundraiser with items, you can also have craft supply items available for sale at your fundraising event. 


Bonus cash back:

Earn cash back on craft items that you purchase through a FlipGive fundraising page. 

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