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How To Host A Community Picnic Fundraiser

Nov 14 2017

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Hosting a community picnic is a great way to bring your community together in order to support a good cause. There are a few ways to run your community picnic, so make sure that you choose the option that makes sense for your community, and your budget. 


How to run your community fundraiser:

There are two ways to host your community picnic. If you are planning to have food available for your community members, make sure you have a large group of volunteers available to help you. You’re going to need to enlist a lot of help in order to provide food for all your supporters, so it’s a good idea to hire a catering company if you can. This is especially important in the summer, where food goes bad quite quickly outside. 

You can also host your picnic as a community even where participants bring their own picnics, and you have areas set up for them to enjoy the picnics they brought. This is a great option if you’re nervous about providing food for your participants, and it requires a lot less work. 


How your fundraiser raises money:

If you go with the first option, you can either charge an entry fee for your fundraiser, or you can charge for food items while the fundraiser is going on. If your fundraising event is at a park, it may be hard to establish a point of entry to collect a fee from everyone, so you should put in place a ticketing system in order to keep you and your volunteers organized. If you go with the second option, have supporters purchase a “spot” at your community fundraising event. 


Bonus cash back for your fundraiser:

Any items that you choose to purchase through a FlipGive fundraising campaign can earn your fundraiser up to 25% cash back. 

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