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How To Host A Basketball Tournament Fundraiser

Oct 24 2019

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Hosting a basketball tournament fundraiser is a really fun way to raise money for any team or cause. The beneficiary of your fundraiser doesn’t have to be athletic, funds can be raised for absolutely anything. However, tournaments are a time consuming type of fundraising to take on, so make sure you have a team of volunteers to help you reach your goals. 

If your basketball fundraiser is in partnership with a school:

Have your fundraising event in the school gym, and encourage students to stay after school for the championship. Reach out to other schools and see if their basketball teams would want to participate, or make it a recreational basketball fundraising tournament where supporters pay a fee in order to participate. 


If your basketball fundraiser is in partnership with a league:

Let all of the teams in your league know that you are hosting a tournament to raise money for your cause. Hosting a basketball fundraising tournament with a league is a more simple option, because teams will be outfitted already, and members have already been established. League basketball tournaments can be much more informal, and teams simply have to raise a certain amount of money to participate. It’s a great way to raise money for your cause while at the same time helping your team elevate their skill level


If your basketball tournament is recreational:

Having a recreational basketball tournament fundraiser is the most challenging, because teams have to be established, and organizers need to be able to provide space and uniforms for participants. That being said, recreational basketball tournament fundraisers can be the most profitable kind, because participants expect to be raising a significant amount of money to participate. Make sure that your teams have an online resource to raise money with. 


Bonus ways to raise money at a tournament:

Have sponsorship options for supporters who are not participating in the basketball tournament. Perks for sponsors can involve being features on all of the publicity surrounding the tournament, and a logo on the t-shirts for the tournament. That being said, you should work with individual sponsors to see what they can give for your fundraising event, and make sure to thank every sponsor at some point during the fundraising tournament. 


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