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Hockey Grant 2016 Recipients Pay It Forward This Season

Aug 22 2017

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Last year, the Curtis family received a $500 Get In The Game Grant to help pay for their kid's hockey season. This year, they've decided to pay it forward, and help other kids in their community get on the ice. 

Curtis, Christine, Gabriel and Catelyn Bias

Pictured: Curtis, Christine, Gabriel and Catelyn Bias


Playing hockey can be an extremely costly endeavour for parents and last year, the Bias family was almost certain they wouldn’t be able to make it work. “Our kids, Gabriel and Catelyn, absolutely love hockey”, says father Curtis Bias. “We have always tried our best to make sure we have enough for their season, but last year, it was almost impossible to make ends meet.”

Hockey wasn’t just a sport for these kids, it was the place where they made their friends, a place where they built their confidence. “When Catelyn hits the ice, everyone can hear her shout for joy, she cheers every time,' said Curtis. Hockey is the place where Gabriel made his friends, a place where he feels like he can belong, which is so important for kids. 


Last year, the Curtis family received one of the Get In The Game $500 grants, which allowed them to buy equipment for their kids’ upcoming season.  "Last year, we almost didn’t make it happen. We applied for the FlipGive hockey grant because we couldn’t afford equipment for the upcoming season. Our kids have never had new equipment, but they still grow out of what we buy every single year,” said Curtis. 

Thankfully this year, the Bias family didn’t need to apply for the grant, but they didn’t forget what it was like for hockey parents who struggle to make ends meet. They decided to donate $500 to a player in need in an effort to help other families who were struggling just like they were one year ago: 

"Since receiving this $500 grant last year, my wife has graduated from college and now has a full time job as a teacher. With her additional income, we are finally more financially stable. We aren't rich, but at least we know that we will have food on the table. Because of your efforts, we decided to donate $500 to a player in need in our local area for the upcoming season. The $500 grant made such a difference for us. We would not have been able to afford to have our children play hockey last season without the Flip Give grant.  What you did for us gave us tremendous peace of mind. We knew that our children would be safer in newer gear that fit well. “

With the cost of hockey rising every single year, FlipGive and HockeyShot.com are committed to helping families like the Bias’ reap the benefits of keeping their kids in the game. If you know a team or player that could benefit from this year’s grant, click the link below to apply. We cannot wait to see what this years teams do!

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