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Hockey Gear Guide Essentials

Aug 07 2019

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Winter may be a long way off, but don’t let the warm-weather fool you. When it comes to hockey, there is no “off-season”. During the warmer months when hockey teams aren’t playing their regular games, players are still gearing up and practicing on and off the ice. Here is everything you need to know about kitting out your future hockey star, all while raising money for your team.



Help your skater prepare for the ice by getting them started on a dryland training program. Hockey is a demanding and vigorous sport and players are encouraged to get – and stay – in hockey shape all year round. From synthetic ice tiles and dryland training flooring, to slide boards, recreating that on-ice feeling has never been easier. Throw in speed deke shafts of varying shapes and sizes and skate weights and floor pucks and sticks and your player will be ready to hit the ice in no time. Don’t forget the secret to on-ice success is off-ice training. Cardio, weights and even yoga can help your player achieve optimal fitness before the leaves start changing color. Don’t forget with each on-line click, money is raised for your team, even during the summer hiatus.

Dryland necessities:

Synthetic Ice Tiles

Slide Board 

Speed Dekes

Dryland Flooring Tiles 

Skate weights



Getting your child ready for competitive hockey is like preparing a gladiator for the ring: gearing them up, while keeping them safe. Hockey gear is so much more than skates, sticks, and nets. Whether your child plays forward or “D”, is a goalie or isn’t sure what position works best, be sure to properly fit your child with all the equipment they’ll need. Skates can be purchased new or used, but be sure to have your child’s foot measured as sizing isn’t the same as for shoes. Ditto for the stick. Take into account the size and length of the stick and the child, and look to the experts to determine your child’s style of stick handling. Not all sticks are created equal. Remember that hockey equipment is designed to fit properly and protect against injury so be sure to maximize your protection. And don’t forget helmet stickers and other accessories! Hockey gear can run you into the hundreds of dollars, so be sure to sign your team up for Flipgive’s program to get some of that cash back for your team.



Shoulder Pads

Hockey Gloves

Hockey pants



(prices shown are for youths)



Once you’ve outfitted your player and done the dryland and practice skills, you’re ready for the big leagues. Or, more likely, your team may be preparing for a pre-season tournament. Often, the tourneys serve as team bonding and the ultimate on-ice practice. Whether at home or away, there are plenty of ways to save money while raising much-needed dollars for your hockey team. Rental cars, hiring a tour bus, or even flying can all be booked through Flipgive. The Ultimate dining card and Starbucks cards are handy at home as well as on the road, and they make paying for a large group easy. They also make great gifts for coaches and parent volunteers.

From gear to training to performance, when it comes down to it, dollar for dollar hockey is anything but cheap. But hockey is one of the best sports for kids. Fitness and teamwork aside, it teaches them responsibility on and off the ice from the earliest days. Arriving on time and in inclement weather, protecting and passing, even gender equality are just some of the lessons learned through hockey. Choreography, sports smarts, work ethics and even scholarship potential are all part of the joys of hockey. And nothing beats being in the stands for this fast-paced exciting sport. So don’t let the high prices scare you, and remember to use Flipgive to earn some of those hard-earned dollars back. Game on!

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