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Hockey Grants: Hockey Funding Sources in the United States

May 12 2020

Our list of funding sources for both Individuals and Hockey Teams.

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At FlipGive, we’ve seen a thing or two when it comes to team funding. There are lots of great groups and organizations doing their best  to keep hockey affordable. Here is a list of other sources of Hockey Funding in the United States. (Click here for our full list of team funding sources)

The Hockey Foundation Equipment Grant


Access to equipment

The hockey foundation provides equipment to disadvantaged hockey associations in the US.


Goals & Dreams


Amount: $2000

The Players' Charitable initiative provides equipment (and sometimes celebrity visits!) to hockey programs in North America.


Let's Play Youth Sports Grants


The Let's Play Youth Sports grants are available to community organizations and schools across the U.S. that provide regular and structured sports/recreational opportunities to the youth within their communities. Donations are of up to $10,000 in brand-new sports equipment and apparel.


Pass the Puck Grant (Minnesota)


Amount: $2,500 

The Pass the puck grant provides up to $2,500 to associations who are running hockey recruitment programs.


Gear Up Minnesota! (Minnesota)


Grant recipients will receive gift cards from Dicks's Sporting Goods. Association representatives will have the opportunity to use the gift cards to purchase the specific equipment their association most needs to recruit new players and retain them.


GoodSports Equipment Program



GoodSports provides equipment donations to athletic programs with a participation fee of under $300 per athlete.


Of course, if you’re already signed up for it, there’s always FlipGive – the easiest way to fund your team with the shopping you’re already doing. You can sign up your team or your entire association to start earning today.


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